Pattern Release — Frescono

Ok, folks, it's finally time to publish Frescsono! You won't believe how excited I am about this one - I just love mosaic knitting! Frescono is an asymmetrical triangle shawl worked sideways. Small geometric motifs appear as you knit, made by slipping stitches (mosaic knitting). Knit in garter stitch, the motifs appear in bold relief... Continue Reading →


Freebie Release — Mockingcable Shawl

Now published in Knotions! Mock Cables add a delightful texture to this asymmetrical triangle shawl. The Mock Cables look deceptively difficult but they are easy to do. And way faster than cabling! Mockingcable is knitted sideways. Started at one tip, it can be knitted to any size - or until you run out of yarn!... Continue Reading →

Pattern Release — Coretta

  It was so amazing to see the beautiful shrugs of my testers take shape. And now it's finally time to release Coretta! Coretta combines minimal finishing with interesting construction. Worked seamlessly from the top down, the drop shoulder construction results in a comfortable fit. The fronts flow from the middle of the Back with... Continue Reading →

Pattern Release — Finding X

I can't resist beautiful hand dyed yarns but finding the right pattern can be difficult. That's why I designed the Finding X sweater --- all relaxing stockinette combined with interesting details! Finding X is seamless circular yoke sweater knitted top down. The yoke is shaped with increases and has a few purl ridges thrown in... Continue Reading →

Pattern Release — In My Heart

Garter stitch, twist stitches and lots of hearts, the In My Heart shawl combines all that! This shawl is knitted from side to side, with a new heart panel added with every repeat. The heart motifs switch direction once you've reached the middle to make it look as if the shawl was knitted from the... Continue Reading →

Pattern Release — Little Sparta

Spring is in the air and what's better than a chic layering piece to show off a beautiful yarn? Little Sparta is a waist-length bolero, worked seamlessly from the top down. Seed Stitch Ridges add textural interest. And there's a collar you can fold up against the wind chill! This was my first outdoor photo... Continue Reading →

Pattern Release — Diamanthea

What I love about knitting is how many different ways there are to do certain techniques --- the cowl Diamanthea takes knitting through the back loop to the next level! Those graceful lines do not look like cables, and yet they are! Knitting through the back loop turns knit stitches into sleek columns. The cables... Continue Reading →

Pattern Release — Petrella

Cables , lace and chevrons all rolled into one triangle shawl --- that is Petrella! Petrella is a triangle shawl with a dose of cables, a sprinkle of lace that transitions to a chevron and a reverse rolled edge. My mum knitted this gorgeous sample using one skein of Cascade Heritage Solids in Limestone. She... Continue Reading →

Pattern Release — Magstrom

Do you want to knit a garter stitch shawl but dread the boredom of endless rows of knit stitches? Magstrom combines garter stitch with little surprises to keep the knitting interesting! And by little surprises I mean the petals scattered all over this shawl. These petals seem to grow out of the fabric and disappear... Continue Reading →

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