Tales of the Neckhugger and unfinished business

Welcome to my second Yarn Adventure Sneak Peek!

What the heck is a neckhugger??? Sounds like the monster of the week fom Supernatural, right? Beware of the neckhugger, coming to get you… and keep your neck warm! Hehe, it’s my new scarf pattern and I really love it! This scarf will never slip off — how that works will be a secret a little longer! I can’t go into a yarn store without buying at least one multicolored skein, like the one in the picture below. The colorway is called Wetterleuchten (sheet-lightning). I choose a playful ruffle and a rib pattern — the ruffle has a big twist to it and is worked with two different needle sizes! The picture on the right shows my Simply Sideways Shawl that I talked about in the last Sneak Peek. This pattern will be released Saturday, with my usual 10% dsicount.

Let’s have a  quick word about pattern releases. I try to release a new pattern every week — maybe two if I find the time — on Friday or the Weekend either paid or free. I don’t prefer knitting over crochet or vice versa, so if the new pattern will be a knitting or crochet pattern will be purely coincidental, based on whatever is finished in time. Every paid pattern comes with a one week long discount of 10%. Every freebie will stay a freebie forever.


Another shawl that I have been working on is the Supervillain Shawl. The colors reminded me of my favourite supervillain — the Joker! And what would fit better than twisted stitches? A special feature is the twisted edge — a small cable that sneaks alongside and along the top of the shawl.


Now onto the bad news for all crocheters — my octagon throw will take a little longer to finish, I will most likely run out of yarn before it is big enough. Not to worry, I made a dishcloth a while back which will be released Friday as a Freebie! It is actually two versions of the same concept released in one pattern. This is Version 2, the other Version is more square.


Have a great week! Thanks for reading, happy crocheting and knitting!


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