Freebie Release — Unruly Discloth

A new freebie arrives to bring fun to the tedious chore of doing the dishes!

This dishcloth has quite an usual shape and there are a two versions available. Worked almost like a log cabin, this dishcloth starts small and grows quickly with the edges getting more and more unruly. Blocks of alternating double crochet and single crochet add texture.

Version 2 is a result of my tendency to ask myself weird questions. When I blocked Version 1, I wondered what would happen if I changed the amount of rows? After a bit of frogging, I knew that 6 rows worked with the Checkers pattern. And Version 2 was born!

Dishcloth are among my favourite projects ever. No matter if knitted or crocheted, a discloth works up quickly and uses little yarn. And isn’t doing the dishes more fun with a bright, handmade dishcloth? What’s more, they make great gifts! My grandma loved her set of dishcloths I made for her as a Christmas gift. Enough said, dig into your stash and make yourself or somebody else happy with this dishcloth!

download now

Unruly Discloth (Version 1: middle, Version 2: bottom)

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