Ruffles, miscalculations, a yarn barf and more Ruffles

Hello everybody, it’s time for another Yarn Adventure Sneak Peek!

It’s been a busy week so far, I released my first pattern for a crochet pillow on Wednesday (find out about the Woven Stripes Pillow here). And I finished my Neckhugger Scarf (to be released Saturday). Still need to take pictures, but it is freezing outside and I have yet to find a good spot in the house. Since yesterday, I have a group on ravelry (have a look), where you can find chatter and info about my patterns and show your FO’s.

The Neckhugger (top picture) is designed to use up one skein of fingering weight yarn. For some reason, ruffles have been on my mind lately. The pictures on the bottom show my two crochet patterns with ruffles — a pillow (left) and a blanket (right). I’m particularly happy with how the blanket is turning out, a pentagon! I plan to release both pillow and blanket at the same time with a special discount


Can you spot my little visitor? The robin has its extra bowl because a blackbird always chased it away from the bird feeder. Being the underdog sucks, so I came up with a solution. 😀

There is only one knitted dishcloth compared to two crochet ones, and it’s high time for another knittig  freebie! Knitted on the bias with a reversible slip stitch pattern it’s interesting to work and has a great texture. Maybe I’ll finish this in the next few days and release the pattern next week… Maybe I’ll have a sudden inspiration and start yet another pattern (although I really shouldn’t). Which brings me to the great yarn barf that was once a bag. Another one of my miscalculations, like the knitted pillow that turned into a crochet pillow because the knit pattern was simply a pain. Sometimes what you see and what you get are two totally different things. Well, this yarn barf will now be a wrap, I really hope the pattern I chose works out this time…

Thanks for reading, happy crocheting and knitting!



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