Pattern Release — Neckhugger Scarf

Here comes my new knitting pattern — the Neckhugger Scarf!

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I have narrow shoulders and often scarfs and hand bags slip off them. That can be extremely annoying! My knitting solution is the Neckhugger Scarf — it will never slip off! To wear it, you pull the ruffles through the slit and tighten gently, then drape and flip the scarf as you like! The ruffles pattern has a twist: it is worked with two different knitting needles! There are no edge stitches and a simple rib pattern for the neck pattern make this an easy knit. The ruffles take a bit of time, but I think they look fantastic and are worth the effort. A bit of extravagance to brighten your day and stun people into silence who think knitting is for old ladies!

Don’t worry, crocheters — there will be a crochet version. Well, not exactly the same (think lace instead of ruffles) but with the same principle of no slipping. While I was writing up the pattern I had an idea for another knitted neckhugger with a slightly different neck part (which will be turned into a crochet pattern, too). Maybe you already guessed it — I love making scarves! That’s because I get throat pain from even the slightest draft. Still having my tonsils sucks. Enough with the sob stories, enjoy your weekend and happy crafting to everybody!

Don’t forget — 10% discount until February 5 with code neckhugger (regular price: 4.00 €)



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