Magical dishcloths, spirals and neon bubbles

And here comes yet another Yarn Adventure Sneak Peek!

How do you like my ramblings about what’s on my hooks/knitting needles? Well, I certainly enjoy writing these sneak peeks. Mostly because I love to surprise other people, but also because writing about my WIPs (or rather PIPs – pattern in progress) helps me focus.

I would have never imagined how long it takes to write a pattern. And I’m not talking about the swatches, the trial and error, the actual knitting/crocheting — I’m talking about putting a pattern into words that (hopefully) make sense and tricky parts easy to follow.

This week is your lucky week with three patterns being released. One is already available (Fuzzy, a Freebie!) and the second one will be out Thursday. It is also a Freebie and a magical knitted dishcloth. Why is it magical? It’s reversible, one side has a knobbly texture and the other shows the slipped stitches! No doubt, this dishcloth stays with me — its really thick and there are no purls! The third pattern is a knitted shawl (paid, comes with my usual 10% discount), to be released on Sunday. The special thing about this shawl is its border — a little cable that sneaks alongside the shawl and is used for a sideways bind-off.

Not to worry, crocheters! The orange triangle shows the start of yet another crochet dishcloth, made with herringbone hdc.


Another knitted shawl that I’m working on is the Neon Bubbles Shawls. It’s called this because there are short row bubbles all over it. So far, I really love the color combination, the in-your-face-yellow against the grey. My new yarn got delivered yesterday, and it really is scrumptious as the label says. Merino and silk rolled into one georgeous hank, what will it become? Probably a knitted shawl or wrap, this woul be perfect for a lace pattern. I’m more a texture and cables girl, but who knows?

About the little square on the bottom left picture… I’m not sure if I should frog it or not. It started how a lot of my patterns (and failures) start, with a crazy idea. I love spirals (there is a really creepy movie based on even creepieer mangas called Uzumaki, if you are not afraid of spirals, you’ll be after you’ve seen this movie!). It works like a lacy spiral, but it loks a bit wonky and just not very orderly. Crazy spiral lace. The thing is, what can you do with it? A lacy blanket? A coaster? Wall Art? To frog or not to frog, that’s the question…

Thanks for reading, stay crafty!



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