Pattern Release — Supervillain Shawl

Let’s put a smile on your face — introducing the Supervillain Shawl!

The Joker is my all-time favourite Supervillain! When I saw this green and purple skein at my yarn shop, the idea for a Joker-themed shawl formed in my mind. Unfortunately, there was only one skein left so I could only make a small shawl. You can continue the pattern until you run out of yarn and make your shawl as large as you want!

What would suit this Supervillain better than the twisted rib stitch? Of course, the edge also has a twist! The edge is literally twisted because it is a little cable that sneaks along the side of the shawl. Then, instead of a normal bind-off, something strange happens! The cable edge just continues along the top like a sideways bind-off.

For a small shawl (90cm x 40cm at widest point) you’ll need about 100g = 420m / 460 yards of fingering weight yarn and a 3.75 mm knitting needle, for a large shawl about 920 yards.

And if you don’t like green and purple? Make yourself a shawl in the colors of your favourite supervillain! I know you have one, give yourself a little push and come over to the Dark Side!


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