Pattern Release — Endless Possibilities Scarf

And yet another pattern release this week — the Endless Possibilities Scarf!


I wanted my 25th pattern to be something special. This scarf comes with 5 Rib Stitch patterns and endless possibilities! You become the designer – combine the Rib Stitches as you like, make your scarf long, narrow or wide, use any yarn! This pattern is also great for a beginner because all 5 Rib Stitches have short repeats and use only knits and purls. Of course I couldn’t resist and added the option for a crochet border. Toeing the line, blurring the boundaries a little bit :). Never fear, there is an option for an applied i-cord included which will look great, too. If you really want to go off the rails, you could add the i-cord to one side and the crochet border to the other side…

The idea for this scarf presented itself when my mother brought me a box full of leftover yarn from a knitted vest. This seemed the perfect opportunity to try out a rib stitch, but I couldn’t decide which one. Then it hit me: I could use all (or rather the five that had the same multiple). I hope you have fun designing your scarf – it will be truly unique and one of a kind!


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