Freebie Release — Knitted Home for the Cake

This Freebie was long overdue — the knitted version of my crochet pattern A Home for the Cake!

cimg2772-550 This yarn home will protect your cakes and dare I say it, it does look stunning! I love slip stitch patterns because they are easy to do and look more difficult than they actually are. The i-cord bind-off makes a nice, playful edge – add a funky button and buckle up your cake!

One of my cakes is bigger than the other ones. It didn’t fit into my crochet yarn home and I had already grabbed my hook when something occured to me. This was the perfect opportunity for a knitted version! I used 4 dpns throughout (except for the strap) and two colors. The slip stitch pattern would look great with different colors on a neutral background, too. I like to use up scraps and this doesn’t only take care of that – it’s also useful! I hope you like this knitted version and have a blast knitting it! (or try the crochet version!)

download now



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