Flowers, Lace and a shooting star

Wow, my new Freebie Knitted Home for the Cake is a shooting star – and Hot right now! Thanks everyone for taking a peek, queuing¬† or adding it to your favourites! I’m really amazed at how popular this design is! When I started putting my patterns up on ravelry I would have never dreamed of this…

The craft must go on and here is some eye-candy of what I’ve been working on.¬† A new knitted dishcloth is taking shape, I don’t want to say to write too much about it yet – but it looks amazing in a solid color. Also in a solid color, my new shawl pattern features all-over lace and garter stitch. It works up fast, not sure about the release date yet. The golden version looks stunning, but I really want a multicolor version, too. Because I happen to have the perfect handpainted skein sitting in my stash, waiting for a chance to shine. It is often difficult to find a pattern that works with short color changes, especially a lace pattern. Well, we’ll see how it works up… Next pattern to be released on Saturday is a crochet scarf. But not any old scarf – a C2C scarf with flowers. I love to tweak C2C, to add a little something to make it more interesting. My knobbly Wrap is quite popular, and because spring is (hopefully) here soon, I found a way to add big flowers to the blocks.
Thanks for reading, happy crocheting and knitting!


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