Pattern Release — C2C Flower Scarf

It’s time for another crochet pattern release — the C2C Flower Scarf!


C2C, or corner to corner, is a fantastic stitch. It starts with one block and grows to whatever size you like, be it square or rectangle. With time, making one block after the other starts to get boring (at least for me). So I thought about making C2C more interesting. My first C2C pattern, the C2C Knobbly Wrap, was released before I had my blog. This desgin uses popcorn stitches to create a great knobbly fabric. My new pattern, the C2C Flower Scarf, is aptly named — big flowers are blossoming all over this scarf! This flowers are easy to add as-you-go. I distributed them in a straight line, but you can sprinkle only a few flowers over your project or arrange them in clusters.
If you buy both C2C patterns, you get a 20% discount until March 4 (previous purchases are eligible)!

To brush up on your C2C, have a look at the tutorial by Mikey (The CrochetCrowd). I love his tutorials, he is a great crochet teacher! In my pattern, there are photos of the first rows to help you get started and a schematic of how I distributed my flowers.

Happy crocheting!



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