E-Book Preview Part 1

Next Saturday, I’m going to release my first e-book! It includes five crochet patterns – four pillows and one blanket! Every pillow is made in a different way and the blanket is worked in the round from the middle outwards. Instead of one mega-post I decided to present one pattern each day of this week. In January, I released my first pattern for a crochet pillow. After much thought, I decided to include this pattern in my e-book. This way, you can get all my pillow patterns in one e-book (and get a discount, too)! If you are only interested in one pattern, don’t worry – there will be a discount on each pattern. Each pillow and the blanket comes with instructions on how to change the size. You can make your pillow/blanket as large or small as you like!

To kick off my preview, here comes the Woven Stripes Pillow! I really loved designing this because it looks complicated but isn’t. And it works up fast!


First, you crochet a background and then the individual stripes. Then you weave the stripes through the background (with minimal sewing!). And what you get is a pillow that will have anybody wondering how you did it! This pillow was inspired by crochet plaid afghans. Instead of chains, I used a mesh with bigger holes as a background so I could weave in wide stripes. This is a great beginner pattern, the only stitches you’ll need are chains, double crochets, single crochets and slip stitches. This pillow can easily be adjusted to any size by adding more repeats.

Thanks for reading, tomorrow I present the Twisted Spiral Pillow!



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