Getting rid of yarn ends and a new approach

It’s been awhile since my last Yarn Adventure Sneak Peek. I love to write about my patterns in progress and share my crazy ideas thoughts. The problem is, I often make changes in my patterns and posting about every change would really clutter my blog. It would also be great to have a kind of archive about my changes and about the patterns I’m working on. After much thought, this is my solution. There will be no more Yarn Adventure Sneak Peek on my blog. Instead, I will post about my patterns in progress on my Ravelry Group! Every pattern will get its own thread – and the best thing is, if you are on ravelry, you can easily comment on my patterns! Here is the link to my group: My Ravelry Group.
My next pattern will a crochet pattern — the Castle Wall Basket! For the last time on my blog, here comes a sneak peek:


Because it has stuffed walls, this basket is really sturdy and keeps its shape really well. And it helps me to get rid of all the yarn ends I collect in a large box. Every time I weave in some ends, the clipped off piece of yarn geos into the box… I don’t like to waste things, not even teeny tiny bits of yarn! Mostly, I use them for stuffed animals. This basket used up a lot of yarn ends, but the box is anything but empty… My mom likes my basket, so she’ll get one for mother’s day. There will be a stuffed lid to go with the basket and a little stuffed bobble to lift the lid (take that, box of yarn ends!). The small version is already finished, just need to finish the lid for the big version and write down the pattern…



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