Pattern Release — Hiatus

Are you ready to take the plunge? My new shawl pattern is all about dropping stitches!

Hiatus does not only have sections of drop stitches adding lacy holes but also sections of Tuck Stitch. To make a Tuck Stitch, you have to deliberately unravel your work a few rows! Sounds scary? Don’t worry, a Tuck Stitch is easy to make and a written explanation is given in the pattern.

Small Version

Throw in easy short rows (just turning, no special stitches) to form the long wingspan and you have a shawl that is interesting to knit, reversible and will look great in any color combination.

Knitting my sample, the green-white one,  I knew I had to make another one in solid colors to highlight the Tuck stitches.

Large Version

And because I had three colors in my stash, the large version was born! The small version uses about 420 meter/ 460 yards of fingering weight yarn and the large version 3x 210 meter / 230 yards in three colors. Both versions can be adjusted and made even larger!

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