Pattern Release — Path of the Dragon

Of all the fantastic beasts that roam the lands in fantasy books, I always loved dragons the most. When I discovered two orange skeins in my stash I know I had to design a dragon-themed shawl! For some reason, I first think of orange or red when I think of dragons. There are lots of green, blue and gray dragons. But orange is this fiery, powerful color that really fits a dragon in my opinion. Of course, your shawl can be whatever color you like! Follow the Path of the Dragon wherever it may lead you!

Dragons can be evil and greedy like Smaug. Or become our companions and share their wisdom with us. And now, dragons are even appearing as swoon-worthy heroes in Paranormal Romance Novels and are hotter than ever! Maybe you have a favorite dragon, or maybe you love a movie, novel or video game that has dragons in it — tell me in the comments!

I love silly poems and while I was knitting the garter stitch section, I came up with a poem about a dragon (and a knight):

There once was a mighty beast,
a dragon, and sometimes it released
its fearsome jet of flame —
as it snored! All the same,
one day a knight came at least!

Was the knight roasted and toasted?
The knight who always boasted
that he would slay the mighty dragon?
Alas, the beast was as big as a hay wagon,
and it rolled over and squashed him flat!


This is another combination pattern, bringing together crochet and knit sections. Some things are easier in crochet, like shaping spikes. For the garter stitch section, I used a variegated yarn.

The crochet border has an interesting lace stitch pattern and spikes. The border is worked sideways. Garter stitch short rows shape the main body of the shawl. The short rows are very easy and don’t use any special stitches. The edge features a variation of the seed stitch and an I-Cord Bind-off.


One size: 122cm x 17 / 48in x 7in.
To make it larger, you can use thicker yarn (sport, dk) — you will need more yarn then.

Yarn / Knitting needleAny fingering weight yarn, 3.5mm circular knitting needle, 3.5mm hook (or size depending on swtach)
C1 = appr. 230 yards for crochet spike border
C2 = appr. 230 yards for main body of shawl

Price: 4.00 € (+ VAT, depending on country)

Basic stitches/techniques required:
Knit, Purl
Kfb, ssk
short rows (no special stitches)
I-Cord Bind-off (explained in pattern)
chain, slip stitch
single crochet, double crochet

Buy through Ravelry – the pattern will be added to your library!

15% discount until May 28!

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