Double Fun Dishcloth KAL No 1 — Dancing Dots Dishcloth

Here is the first dishcloth of the Double Fun Dishcloth KAL — Dancing Dots Dishcloth!


Knit along in my ravelry group! I’m excited to see your color combinations!

Made entirely in garter stitch, this dishcloth has a great texture. The slipped stitches result in little dots that seem to dance around each other.

There will be four dishcloths, each Saturday in July another one!
And each of them will use two contrasting colors and slipped stitches to create a stunning dishcloth!

Here are the Release Dates of the other dishcloths:
Fancy Beads Dishcloth (No 2) — July 8
Garter Mosaic Dishcloth (No 3) — July 15
Up the Ladder Dishcloth (No 4) — July 22

Curious about the other three dishcloths? Have a sneak peek in my ravelry group or here at my blog

download now

Go to ravelry store

Size is adjustable

Yarn / Knitting needle
Any cotton yarn and a suitable knitting needle

Basic stitches/techniques required:
slipping stitches


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