Double Fun Dishcloth KAL No 4 — Up the Ladder Dishcloth

It’s already time for the last dishcloth — Up the Ladder Dishcloth! And this one is available in two versions — regular and sideways!

The slip stitches highlight a ladder-like texture. Be bold and try a variegated yarn for this dishcloth!

Lots of fabulous dishcloths are popping up in my ravelry group and I love to see them! With summer in full force, what’s better than cotton yarn, right?

Here you can the sideways version (left) and the regular version (right):


Knit along in my ravelry group! I’m excited to see your color combinations!

For each of my dishcloths, I used a variegated color this time. The light color runs up in vertical stripes and the dark color creates the ladder. If you want to rock the boat, switch the colors and see what happens!


This is the last of four dishcloths that were released each Saturday in July!
And each of them uses two contrasting colors and slipped stitches to create a stunning dishcloth!

Find the other dishcloths:
Dancing Dots Dishcloth (No 1)
Fancy Beads Dishcloth (No 2)
Garter Mosaic Dishcloth (No 3)

download now

Go to ravelry store

Size is adjustable

Yarn / Knitting needle
Any cotton yarn and a suitable knitting needle

Basic stitches/techniques required:
Knit, Purl
slipping stitches
Knit, Purl
slipping stitches
Kfb, M1L, K2tog, K3tog


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