Pattern Release — Magstrom

Do you want to knit a garter stitch shawl but dread the boredom of endless rows of knit stitches?

Magstrom combines garter stitch with little surprises to keep the knitting interesting!

And by little surprises I mean the petals scattered all over this shawl. These petals seem to grow out of the fabric and disappear again after a few rows. All you need to make the petals appear and disappear are some well-placed yarn overs and decreases!

Here’s a close-up of the little petals:


The shawl has a crescent shape. The stripes can be as large or small as you like, the formula for how I distributed are included in the pattern. When I saw the two skeins of Cascade Heritage Solids in my stash box I knew I had to turn them into a striped shawl. And I just love the fact the both colors are named after fruits, Mango and Blood Orange.

At first, I wanted to name the pattern after the colorways. I was re-reading Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels Series and in the second book, there is a character named Magstrom. And  that’s how this shawl got its name, because the two colors together look like magma and “strom” can also mean “river” in German, so Magstrom = river of magma!


Pattern is available in English and German.


Go to ravelry store

56in x 12in (adjustable)

Not crucial, size can be adjusted

Knitting needle
3.75mm knitting needle

Fingering weight

appr. 430yds

Show in:
Wollträume Traumsterne Merino High Twist
(100gr / 400m / 430 yds)
C1 = Mango
C2 = Blood Orange

Price: 5.00 € (+ VAT, depending on country)

knit, purl
yo, k2tog, ssk, s2kp

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