E-Book Release — Pillow Parade

5 home decor patterns


And my first e-book is out now! All patterns available in English and German!

If you want to know more about the patterns, have a look at my e-book-preview post of this week. I wanted every pattern to be something special and I hope you have fun crocheting a new pillow or blanket!

E-Book Preview Part 3

Small Ruffles Pentagon

And this part of my E-Book Preview covers the Small Ruffles Pentagon! I loved making these little Ruffles so  much, I designed two pillows with them, too (well, one pillow has big Ruffles). You can snuggle up under this blanket and have the matching pillows! After much thought, I decided to do a pentagon. I love polygons and the way you can easily achieve any shape in crochet by changing the number of starting stitches. The pentagon is highlighted by the corners, which are worked with front post trebles to form a thick ridge. The Ruffles are distributed in a diamond shape. I used three colors to match the pillows, I’m sure this blanket would also look great in a solid color! With a 6mm hook and chunky yarn this blanket turned out super snuggly and will keep the family warm until spring will be here!


Thanks for reading, only two patterns left now — tomorrow I present you the Big Ruffles Pillow!


Pattern Release — Funky Octagon Throw

Snuggle up under this Octagon — my new crochet pattern is here!


Started last year in December, the Funky Octagon Throw is finally finished. To be honest, I only worked on this for a few rounds before putting it down and working on other projects. When I was scanning through my drafts on ravelry last weekend, this caught my eye and I dug it out of my project box and really got to work. I swear, my hook was on fire at some times!

I love the optical effect you get if you make the stripes larger and larger. Three different stitches — mesh, cross stitches and clusters — make this a really fun project. I always wanted to design an octagon — mainly because the number eight is such a powerful number. It is associated with balance, power, luck, material wealth, and harmony — and many more things, so eight is quite the super-number! You can choose a neon color like I did or make it in one color or use eight colors 🙂