Double Fun Dishcloth KAL No 4 — Up the Ladder Dishcloth

It's already time for the last dishcloth --- Up the Ladder Dishcloth! And this one is available in two versions --- regular and sideways! The slip stitches highlight a ladder-like texture. Be bold and try a variegated yarn for this dishcloth! Lots of fabulous dishcloths are popping up in my ravelry group and I love... Continue Reading →


Double Fun Dishcloth KAL No 3 — Garter Mosaic Dishcloth

And here comes No 3! Gorgeous dishcloths are popping up on the project pages and my ravelry group --- let's see what you do with this one! And the third dishcloth of the Double Fun Dishcloth KAL is --- Garter Mosaic Dishcloth! I love this mosaic pattern and after the dishcloth, I made two coasters!... Continue Reading →

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