Freebie Release — Flip it Dishcloth

Do you need a quick gift for the easter holidays? Here comes a Freebie to help you out — the Flip it Dishcloth!

First, you knit two triangles of the same size — then you flip one to the wrong side! Graft both triangles together and you have a dishcloth displaying both right side and wrong side at the same time!

A photo tutorial on how to do kitchener stitch with garter stitch is included in the pattern. I really love how you can play with different colors to highlight  the two halves of this dishcloth. Pssst, this one is a gift for my aunt!

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Freebie Release — Mitered Rib Dishcloth

Here comes a new knitting Freebie – the Mitered Rib Dishcloth!


Until last year, I had never used a handmade dishcloth! And yet it took only one crochet dishcloth to get me hooked 🙂 . Since then, I have made a lot of dishcloths, crocheted and knitted ones. There are two brands of cotton yarn that I love to use, Catania (Schachenmayr) and Cotone (Lana Grossa), because they are available in lots of solid colors and gorgeous multicolor balls! That’s what I used for my other two knitted dishcloths (Two Sides Dishcloth and Diagonally Twisted Dishcloth). Last time at the yarn shop, I bought a pale lilac ball. This color seemed perfect to highlight a rib pattern. This dishcloth is mitered, meaning it starts with a small cast-on and is increased only in the middle. I love how the rib pattern seems to radiate outwards from the starting point. Enough fawning, happy knitting!

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Freebie Release — Knitted Home for the Cake

This Freebie was long overdue — the knitted version of my crochet pattern A Home for the Cake!

cimg2772-550 This yarn home will protect your cakes and dare I say it, it does look stunning! I love slip stitch patterns because they are easy to do and look more difficult than they actually are. The i-cord bind-off makes a nice, playful edge – add a funky button and buckle up your cake!

One of my cakes is bigger than the other ones. It didn’t fit into my crochet yarn home and I had already grabbed my hook when something occured to me. This was the perfect opportunity for a knitted version! I used 4 dpns throughout (except for the strap) and two colors. The slip stitch pattern would look great with different colors on a neutral background, too. I like to use up scraps and this doesn’t only take care of that – it’s also useful! I hope you like this knitted version and have a blast knitting it! (or try the crochet version!)

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German Translations of my patterns

My very useful Freebie A Home for the Cake is now available in German! I have decided to translate all my patterns to German – which will take some time because at the moment I’m focused on releasing new patterns. The good news is that all new patterns will be available in English and German!

Why this Freebie, you wonder? Drumroll… there is a knitted version coming soon! It’s nearly finished, just need to figure out the strap. Release date probably Thursday…

Other patterns available in German so far are the Neon Bubbles Shawl and the Endless Possibilities Scarf.

Freebie Release — Two Sides Dishcloth

My second knitting Freebie and… drumroll… my 20th pattern!

Wow, 20 patterns already… and still many projects to come (and to be finished, sigh). I hope you enjoy making this dishcloth, I certainly did. The texture is fabulous and it is really thick. You could also use this as potholder. Like my other knitted dishcloth it starts with a few stitches and is shaped by increases and decreases. My next knitted dishcloth will be something different, a mitered square! Don’t worry, there will be other knitting freebies, too. And I’m working on something really crazy… Maybe I’ll write about this in my next Yarn Adventure Sneak Peek on Wednesday.

Now, let’s grab some cotton yarn and roll!

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Two Sides Dishcloth

Freebie Release — Fuzzy

What’s all the fuzz about?

Introducing Fuzzy, a quirky little fellow!


Let’s start with a confession: I got sidetracked again. While I was thumbing through my stitch dictionary, the chain loop stitch caught my eye. And Fuzzy popped in my head! What can I say, I had to breathe life into the little guy!

From the Fuzzypedia:
The Fuzzy is a gentle fellow and loves company. From the high mountain tops to the sweltering jungles, the Fuzzy is found all over the world. They have populated remote islands by floating on the water and using their curly tail as propellers!

Some Fuzzys prefer to inhabit human dwellings where they nest in yarn stashes. To attract them, leave your WIPs and hooks strewn all over your place — if hooks are missing or WIPs are misplaced then there is a Fuzzy in your house. If you sneak up to your project bag quietly in the morning, you may find a Fuzzy there tucked in with your yarn. The Fuzzy is associated with joy, prosperity and luck.

Much about the behaviour of the Fuzzy remains a mystery. Show off your Fuzzy(s) in my ravelry group, share their stories and help build the Fuzzypedia!

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Freebie Release — Unruly Discloth

A new freebie arrives to bring fun to the tedious chore of doing the dishes!

This dishcloth has quite an usual shape and there are a two versions available. Worked almost like a log cabin, this dishcloth starts small and grows quickly with the edges getting more and more unruly. Blocks of alternating double crochet and single crochet add texture.

Version 2 is a result of my tendency to ask myself weird questions. When I blocked Version 1, I wondered what would happen if I changed the amount of rows? After a bit of frogging, I knew that 6 rows worked with the Checkers pattern. And Version 2 was born!

Dishcloth are among my favourite projects ever. No matter if knitted or crocheted, a discloth works up quickly and uses little yarn. And isn’t doing the dishes more fun with a bright, handmade dishcloth? What’s more, they make great gifts! My grandma loved her set of dishcloths I made for her as a Christmas gift. Enough said, dig into your stash and make yourself or somebody else happy with this dishcloth!

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Unruly Discloth (Version 1: middle, Version 2: bottom)