Pattern Release — Thingamajig

A new knitting pattern is now available — the shawlette Thingamajig!


I love small shawls and designing this shawlette was a lot of fun. There is a bit of this and that: stockinette, garter stitch, short rows, eyelets and a wavy edge! The Eyelet pattern is worked a little different than what you would expect. A little change leads to boldly defined holes. I used Ferner Sommernachtsreigen (hand dyed in Austria) for my sample — as you can see, this shawlette looks great in hand dyed yarns! A solid yarn would look great, too. I hope you like this pattern, happy knitting!


Pattern release – Wishbone Loophole Scarf and Cluster Loophole Scarf

Today, I present you two variations of the same idea — one loophole scarf for knitters and one for crocheters!


For knitters, the Wishbone Loophole Scarf offers two cable patterns separated by a rib pattern. The Cluster Loophole Scarf for crocheters has three interesting stitch patterns: easy colorwork and two different cluster stitches!

Both scarves follow the same design. First, you make a loophole (worked in the round) to pull your scarf through so it will never slip off. Then you add length with two different stitch patterns. The resulting scarf is narrow and light enough to be worn on a chilly spring day and keep your neck cosy.

Right after I finished my Neckhugger, a scarf that uses a similar concept, I had this idea to work a kind of buckle in the round. After some swatching, the loophole scarf was born! I decided very early to do a crochet and a knit version. The crochet version uses appr. 125gr of DK weight yan, the knit version uses about 60gr of fingering weight yarn.

Happy knitting and crocheting!


Pattern Release — Lace Delight

New knitting pattern available — Lace Delight!


This shawl features garter stitch and eyelets and is simply a delight to knit! And it looks stunning and deceptively difficult. There are only knit stitches and an easy to memorize 4 rows repeat. Lace Delight forms a shallow triangle and looks best in solid yarns. For this golden version I used Scrumptious 4ply (Fyberspates), it is a merino and silk blend and has this gorgeous sheen. I love how this shawl turned out and I know that this will be my favourite spring accessory!

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Pattern Release — Castle Wall Basket

My new crochet pattern is available now — the Castle Wall Basket! And it’s FREE until Sunday, March 12 (end of day, Amsterdam time)!

Use this button (discount will be applied automatically):


A documentary about medieval castles was the inspiration for this pattern. At one point, they showed how castle walls were built – basically, they built two walls and filled the gap with mortar. My crafty brain started to wonder. Could you use this for a basket? Years ago, I bought a lot of brown chunky yarn at a sale and now seemed the perfect time to use it! The result is a basket with sturdy walls and a way of getting rid of my yarn ends. After I had finished my small verison, I decided to make lid. And of course, the lid had to be stuffed, too! I hope you have fun making lots of baskets!

Thanks for reading and happy crocheting!

Pattern Release — C2C Flower Scarf

New crochet pattern

It’s time for another crochet pattern release — the C2C Flower Scarf!


C2C, or corner to corner, is a fantastic stitch. It starts with one block and grows to whatever size you like, be it square or rectangle. With time, making one block after the other starts to get boring (at least for me). So I thought about making C2C more interesting. My first C2C pattern, the C2C Knobbly Wrap, was released before I had my blog. This desgin uses popcorn stitches to create a great knobbly fabric. My new pattern, the C2C Flower Scarf, is aptly named — big flowers are blossoming all over this scarf! This flowers are easy to add as-you-go. I distributed them in a straight line, but you can sprinkle only a few flowers over your project or arrange them in clusters.
If you buy both C2C patterns, you get a 20% discount until March 4 (previous purchases are eligible)!

To brush up on your C2C, have a look at the tutorial by Mikey (The CrochetCrowd). I love his tutorials, he is a great crochet teacher! In my pattern, there are photos of the first rows to help you get started and a schematic of how I distributed my flowers.

Happy crocheting!


Pattern Release — Endless Possibilities Scarf

And yet another pattern release this week — the Endless Possibilities Scarf!


I wanted my 25th pattern to be something special. This scarf comes with 5 Rib Stitch patterns and endless possibilities! You become the designer – combine the Rib Stitches as you like, make your scarf long, narrow or wide, use any yarn! This pattern is also great for a beginner because all 5 Rib Stitches have short repeats and use only knits and purls. Of course I couldn’t resist and added the option for a crochet border. Toeing the line, blurring the boundaries a little bit :). Never fear, there is an option for an applied i-cord included which will look great, too. If you really want to go off the rails, you could add the i-cord to one side and the crochet border to the other side…

The idea for this scarf presented itself when my mother brought me a box full of leftover yarn from a knitted vest. This seemed the perfect opportunity to try out a rib stitch, but I couldn’t decide which one. Then it hit me: I could use all (or rather the five that had the same multiple). I hope you have fun designing your scarf – it will be truly unique and one of a kind!

Pattern Release — Neon Bubbles Shawl

Introducing the Neon Bubbles Shawl — a fun garter stitch shawl featuring short row bubbles!

CIMG2720-700.JPGA shawl knit entirely in garter stitch. That doesn’t sound very exciting, right? Throw in some short rows and you get a really fun knit! Choose neon colors and add a pop of color. Show off bold color combinations or make a shawl in black and white. The bubbles are formed with the easiest of short rows that you can imagine – you knit to a certain point and turn your work. Because this shawl is worked sideways, it wraps nicely around the neck and you can adjust it to any size.

I have been thinking about combining garter stitch and short rows for a while. What I wanted to do was something different, and I came up with the idea of little bubbles growing in size. On the other hand, I wanted to design a shawl that can be adjusted to any size. And to be honest, designing the bubbles involved a lot of math and I really longed for a point where I could just knit and not worry about the stitch count. The i-cord bind-off adds a colorful finish and a neat edge. If you have lots of scraps, you could change color for every bubble and make a rainbow shawl!

I hope you enjoy my new shawl and have fun picking colors and knitting it!