German Translations of my patterns

My very useful Freebie A Home for the Cake is now available in German! I have decided to translate all my patterns to German – which will take some time because at the moment I’m focused on releasing new patterns. The good news is that all new patterns will be available in English and German!

Why this Freebie, you wonder? Drumroll… there is a knitted version coming soon! It’s nearly finished, just need to figure out the strap. Release date probably Thursday…

Other patterns available in German so far are the Neon Bubbles Shawl and the Endless Possibilities Scarf.

Ready to be a yarn adventurer?

It’s only January and I already fulfilled one of my New Year’s resolutions: start a blog about my knitting and crochet adventures!

I started designing my own patterns in October last year. It felt like the right time to embark on my own craft journey. On this blog, I will show you sneak peeks of what I’m working on, talk about my creative process and my published patterns. I try to design patterns that are customizable and interesting to knit or crochet. For me, knitting or crocheting has always felt like an adventure – and I hope that it will be the same for you!

At the moment, I publish at ravelry – my username is crochetCroco. Head over to ravelry and poke around in my pattern store if you like: