Hiatus comes from the Latin word hiare meaning to gape or to yawn. And this shawl has lots of gaping holes made by drop stitches! Tuck Stitch sections add texture and substance to the airy drop stitches while looking great on both sides!

Have you ever deliberately unraveled your project? Well, this is the new normal with this shawl! Don’t be afraid, a Tuck Stitch is easy to make and a written explanation is given in the pattern.

Easy short rows (just turning, no special stitches) form the elongated shape and the long wingspan while adding more drop stitches.

Small version
Large version

Small Version: 120cm x 25cm / 47 inch x 10 inch (green-white sample)
Large Version: 145cm x 27cm / 57 inch x 11 inch (blue, light grey, burgundy sample)

Yarn / Knitting needle
3.75mm circular needle
Make the small version in one color (420 meter/ 460 yards of fingering weight yarn) or the large version in three colors (3x 210 meter / 230 yards of fingering weight yarn). Both versions can be adjusted and made even larger!

Price: 4.00 € (+ VAT, depending on country)

Basic stitches/techniques required:
knit, purl, yarn over
short rows
i-cord bind-off

Go to ravelry store


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