Freebie Release — Unruly Discloth

A new freebie arrives to bring fun to the tedious chore of doing the dishes! This dishcloth has quite an usual shape and there are a two versions available. Worked almost like a log cabin, this dishcloth starts small and grows quickly with the edges getting more and more unruly. Blocks of alternating double crochet... Continue Reading →

Wow! My new freebie -- a Home for the Cake -- is on the first page  of the free crochet patterns that are hot right now! That just made my day, thanks everyone for taking a peek, queuing  or adding it to your favourites! ♥♥♥

Yarn Adventure Sneak Peek

It's time for the first Yarn Adventure Sneak Peek! Yeah! Every week, I will show you what patterns I'm working on - not the full project, only a little sneak peek! I hope my yarn gossip will be fun! And help me to actually finish something. Which is something I'm really bad at - so... Continue Reading →

Ready to be a yarn adventurer?

It's only January and I already fulfilled one of my New Year's resolutions: start a blog about my knitting and crochet adventures! I started designing my own patterns in October last year. It felt like the right time to embark on my own craft journey. On this blog, I will show you sneak peeks of... Continue Reading →

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