Tribbles on the bridge!

This week's Yarn Adventure Sneak Peek is a short one. My WIPs are multiplying like Tribbles! Nevertheless, I gave in and wound my golden skein from Fyberspates into a center-pull ball. It's now all buckled up in its yarn home and ready to become a sassy spring scarf. I should finish another knitted shawl first,... Continue Reading →


Wow, can you believe it? My new knitting freebie -- Two Sides Dishcloth -- is on the first page  of the free knitting patterns that are hot right now! What a great way to start a day, thanks everyone for taking a peek, queuing  or adding it to your favourites! ♥♥♥

Freebie Release — Two Sides Dishcloth

My second knitting Freebie and... drumroll... my 20th pattern! Wow, 20 patterns already... and still many projects to come (and to be finished, sigh). I hope you enjoy making this dishcloth, I certainly did. The texture is fabulous and it is really thick. You could also use this as potholder. Like my other knitted dishcloth... Continue Reading →

Freebie Release — Fuzzy

What's all the fuzz about? Introducing Fuzzy, a quirky little fellow! Let's start with a confession: I got sidetracked again. While I was thumbing through my stitch dictionary, the chain loop stitch caught my eye. And Fuzzy popped in my head! What can I say, I had to breathe life into the little guy! From... Continue Reading →

Pattern Release — Neckhugger Scarf

Here comes my new knitting pattern -- the Neckhugger Scarf! Go to ravelry store I have narrow shoulders and often scarfs and hand bags slip off them. That can be extremely annoying! My knitting solution is the Neckhugger Scarf -- it will never slip off! To wear it, you pull the ruffles through the slit... Continue Reading →

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