Simply Sideways Shawl


A revised version with easier decreases is now available!

A simply relaxing knit, this shawl features alternating bands of stockinette and garter stitch. Unusual decreases (there is only one decrease in six rows!) and lots of increases result in a slightly curved shape. The shawl is finished with a playful picot bind-off (made with a crochet hook).

The old version is still available, if you buy this pattern you get both versions!

Version 1 (old version): K4togtbl, crochet hook picot bind-off

Version 2 (new, revised version): K2tog, ruffled crochet border with contrasting color

Not crucial, you can use any fingering weight yarn you like and knit until you reach your desired size!

Yarn / Knitting needleFingering weight yarn and a suitable knitting needle
(I used 3.75mm)
MC = appr. 420m / 460 yards
CC = appr. 22m / 25 yards
crochet hook half a size bigger than your knitting needle (I used 4 mm)

Price: 4.00 € (+ VAT, depending on country)

Basic stitches/techniques required:
Knitting Abbreviations:
knit, purl
Kfb = knit into front and back
K2tog = knit 2 stitches together

Crochet Abbreviations (US terminology):
ch = chain
sc = single crochet
tr = treble

15% special re-release discount until May 14!

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