Stacked Double Crochet

An easy way to start a new row (or round) — by “stacking” two sc on top of each other!
I love this technique because you can’t really tell where your row/round starts,
it blends in almost perfectly!

Step 1
Make 1 sc in first stitch

Step 1

Step 2
First, locate the long strand at the left of your sc,
then insert your hook under that strand

Step 2
Step 2

Step 3
Yarn over and pull up a loop

Step 3

Step 4
Yarn over and pull yarn through both loops on hook

Step 4

And your Stacked Double Crochet is finished! Looks good, doesn’t it?
When you work the following rows/rounds, make sure to work into both top loops of your Stacked Double Crochet!


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