Thingamajig is a shawlette that has a bit of this and that: stockinette, garter stitch, eyelets, short rows and a wavy edge!

This shawlette looks great in hand dyed yarn or in solid colors. One skein of Ferner Sommernachtstraum (4ply) was enough for a shawlette with a wingspan of 110cm and a depth of 32cm. Size is adjustable, you’ll need more yarn then.


110cm x 32cm. Size is adjustable

Yarn / Knitting needle
Any fingering weight yarn and a suitable knitting needle (I used 3.75mm and Ferner Sommernachtsreigen 100g = 420m / 460 yards

Price: 4.00 € (+ VAT, depending on country)

Basic stitches/techniques required:
K = Knit
Kfb = Knit into front and back
K2tog = knit 2 sts togethter
K2togtbl = knit 2 sts togethter through back loop
K3togtbl = knit 3 sts togethter through back loop
M1L = make 1 left
YO = Yarn over
CDI = Central Double Increase
short rows (just turning, no special sts)

Pattern available in English and German!

15% discount until April 9 (will be applied automatically)!

Go to ravelry store


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