Freebie Release — Ancient Mosaic Bookmark

Happy Wednesday, here comes a new Freebie for booklovers --- the Ancient Mosaic Bookmark! This bookmark looks way more complicated than it is! To make the mosaic all you need are some slipped stitches and two contrasting solid colors. This knitting technique is called mosaic knitting. Designing this bookmark was fun and I'm not done... Continue Reading →


Freebie Release — Flip it Dishcloth

Do you need a quick gift for the easter holidays? Here comes a Freebie to help you out --- the Flip it Dishcloth! First, you knit two triangles of the same size -- then you flip one to the wrong side! Graft both triangles together and you have a dishcloth displaying both right side and... Continue Reading →

Freebie Release — Two Sides Dishcloth

My second knitting Freebie and... drumroll... my 20th pattern! Wow, 20 patterns already... and still many projects to come (and to be finished, sigh). I hope you enjoy making this dishcloth, I certainly did. The texture is fabulous and it is really thick. You could also use this as potholder. Like my other knitted dishcloth... Continue Reading →

Freebie Release — Fuzzy

What's all the fuzz about? Introducing Fuzzy, a quirky little fellow! Let's start with a confession: I got sidetracked again. While I was thumbing through my stitch dictionary, the chain loop stitch caught my eye. And Fuzzy popped in my head! What can I say, I had to breathe life into the little guy! From... Continue Reading →

Freebie Release — Unruly Discloth

A new freebie arrives to bring fun to the tedious chore of doing the dishes! This dishcloth has quite an usual shape and there are a two versions available. Worked almost like a log cabin, this dishcloth starts small and grows quickly with the edges getting more and more unruly. Blocks of alternating double crochet... Continue Reading →

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