Now, there is a new menu called sneak peek --- this will take you to a page that shows my latest pattern in progress! Once a pattern is published, I will change the picture to my new design. Have a look at my new knitted shawl (the sample is nearly finished, yeah!): Sneak Peek


Getting rid of yarn ends and a new approach

It's been awhile since my last Yarn Adventure Sneak Peek. I love to write about my patterns in progress and share my crazy ideas thoughts. The problem is, I often make changes in my patterns and posting about every change would really clutter my blog. It would also be great to have a kind of... Continue Reading →

Tribbles on the bridge!

This week's Yarn Adventure Sneak Peek is a short one. My WIPs are multiplying like Tribbles! Nevertheless, I gave in and wound my golden skein from Fyberspates into a center-pull ball. It's now all buckled up in its yarn home and ready to become a sassy spring scarf. I should finish another knitted shawl first,... Continue Reading →

Yarn Adventure Sneak Peek

It's time for the first Yarn Adventure Sneak Peek! Yeah! Every week, I will show you what patterns I'm working on - not the full project, only a little sneak peek! I hope my yarn gossip will be fun! And help me to actually finish something. Which is something I'm really bad at - so... Continue Reading →

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