Getting rid of yarn ends and a new approach

It’s been awhile since my last Yarn Adventure Sneak Peek. I love to write about my patterns in progress and share my crazy ideas thoughts. The problem is, I often make changes in my patterns and posting about every change would really clutter my blog. It would also be great to have a kind of archive about my changes and about the patterns I’m working on. After much thought, this is my solution. There will be no more Yarn Adventure Sneak Peek on my blog. Instead, I will post about my patterns in progress on my Ravelry Group! Every pattern will get its own thread – and the best thing is, if you are on ravelry, you can easily comment on my patterns! Here is the link to my group: My Ravelry Group.
My next pattern will a crochet pattern — the Castle Wall Basket! For the last time on my blog, here comes a sneak peek:


Because it has stuffed walls, this basket is really sturdy and keeps its shape really well. And it helps me to get rid of all the yarn ends I collect in a large box. Every time I weave in some ends, the clipped off piece of yarn geos into the box… I don’t like to waste things, not even teeny tiny bits of yarn! Mostly, I use them for stuffed animals. This basket used up a lot of yarn ends, but the box is anything but empty… My mom likes my basket, so she’ll get one for mother’s day. There will be a stuffed lid to go with the basket and a little stuffed bobble to lift the lid (take that, box of yarn ends!). The small version is already finished, just need to finish the lid for the big version and write down the pattern…


Flowers, Lace and a shooting star

Yarn Adventure Sneak Peek

Wow, my new Freebie Knitted Home for the Cake is a shooting star – and Hot right now! Thanks everyone for taking a peek, queuing  or adding it to your favourites! I’m really amazed at how popular this design is! When I started putting my patterns up on ravelry I would have never dreamed of this…

The craft must go on and here is some eye-candy of what I’ve been working on.  A new knitted dishcloth is taking shape, I don’t want to say to write too much about it yet – but it looks amazing in a solid color. Also in a solid color, my new shawl pattern features all-over lace and garter stitch. It works up fast, not sure about the release date yet. The golden version looks stunning, but I really want a multicolor version, too. Because I happen to have the perfect handpainted skein sitting in my stash, waiting for a chance to shine. It is often difficult to find a pattern that works with short color changes, especially a lace pattern. Well, we’ll see how it works up… Next pattern to be released on Saturday is a crochet scarf. But not any old scarf – a C2C scarf with flowers. I love to tweak C2C, to add a little something to make it more interesting. My knobbly Wrap is quite popular, and because spring is (hopefully) here soon, I found a way to add big flowers to the blocks.
Thanks for reading, happy crocheting and knitting!

Tribbles on the bridge!

This week’s Yarn Adventure Sneak Peek is a short one. My WIPs are multiplying like Tribbles! Nevertheless, I gave in and wound my golden skein from Fyberspates into a center-pull ball. It’s now all buckled up in its yarn home and ready to become a sassy spring scarf. I should finish another knitted shawl first, but when I have an idea I need to know if it works. So WIPs are strewn all over the place and scribbled notes have taken over my desk. This week is all about getting things in order and making a pattern release plan. If I can keep myself in check, there will be a knitting pattern released Sunday, the Neon Bubbles Shawl.
Have a great week and happy crocheting/knitting!



Magical dishcloths, spirals and neon bubbles

And here comes yet another Yarn Adventure Sneak Peek!

How do you like my ramblings about what’s on my hooks/knitting needles? Well, I certainly enjoy writing these sneak peeks. Mostly because I love to surprise other people, but also because writing about my WIPs (or rather PIPs – pattern in progress) helps me focus.

I would have never imagined how long it takes to write a pattern. And I’m not talking about the swatches, the trial and error, the actual knitting/crocheting — I’m talking about putting a pattern into words that (hopefully) make sense and tricky parts easy to follow.

This week is your lucky week with three patterns being released. One is already available (Fuzzy, a Freebie!) and the second one will be out Thursday. It is also a Freebie and a magical knitted dishcloth. Why is it magical? It’s reversible, one side has a knobbly texture and the other shows the slipped stitches! No doubt, this dishcloth stays with me — its really thick and there are no purls! The third pattern is a knitted shawl (paid, comes with my usual 10% discount), to be released on Sunday. The special thing about this shawl is its border — a little cable that sneaks alongside the shawl and is used for a sideways bind-off.

Not to worry, crocheters! The orange triangle shows the start of yet another crochet dishcloth, made with herringbone hdc.


Another knitted shawl that I’m working on is the Neon Bubbles Shawls. It’s called this because there are short row bubbles all over it. So far, I really love the color combination, the in-your-face-yellow against the grey. My new yarn got delivered yesterday, and it really is scrumptious as the label says. Merino and silk rolled into one georgeous hank, what will it become? Probably a knitted shawl or wrap, this woul be perfect for a lace pattern. I’m more a texture and cables girl, but who knows?

About the little square on the bottom left picture… I’m not sure if I should frog it or not. It started how a lot of my patterns (and failures) start, with a crazy idea. I love spirals (there is a really creepy movie based on even creepieer mangas called Uzumaki, if you are not afraid of spirals, you’ll be after you’ve seen this movie!). It works like a lacy spiral, but it loks a bit wonky and just not very orderly. Crazy spiral lace. The thing is, what can you do with it? A lacy blanket? A coaster? Wall Art? To frog or not to frog, that’s the question…

Thanks for reading, stay crafty!


Ruffles, miscalculations, a yarn barf and more Ruffles

Hello everybody, it’s time for another Yarn Adventure Sneak Peek!

It’s been a busy week so far, I released my first pattern for a crochet pillow on Wednesday (find out about the Woven Stripes Pillow here). And I finished my Neckhugger Scarf (to be released Saturday). Still need to take pictures, but it is freezing outside and I have yet to find a good spot in the house. Since yesterday, I have a group on ravelry (have a look), where you can find chatter and info about my patterns and show your FO’s.

The Neckhugger (top picture) is designed to use up one skein of fingering weight yarn. For some reason, ruffles have been on my mind lately. The pictures on the bottom show my two crochet patterns with ruffles — a pillow (left) and a blanket (right). I’m particularly happy with how the blanket is turning out, a pentagon! I plan to release both pillow and blanket at the same time with a special discount


Can you spot my little visitor? The robin has its extra bowl because a blackbird always chased it away from the bird feeder. Being the underdog sucks, so I came up with a solution. 😀

There is only one knitted dishcloth compared to two crochet ones, and it’s high time for another knittig  freebie! Knitted on the bias with a reversible slip stitch pattern it’s interesting to work and has a great texture. Maybe I’ll finish this in the next few days and release the pattern next week… Maybe I’ll have a sudden inspiration and start yet another pattern (although I really shouldn’t). Which brings me to the great yarn barf that was once a bag. Another one of my miscalculations, like the knitted pillow that turned into a crochet pillow because the knit pattern was simply a pain. Sometimes what you see and what you get are two totally different things. Well, this yarn barf will now be a wrap, I really hope the pattern I chose works out this time…

Thanks for reading, happy crocheting and knitting!


Tales of the Neckhugger and unfinished business

Welcome to my second Yarn Adventure Sneak Peek!

What the heck is a neckhugger??? Sounds like the monster of the week fom Supernatural, right? Beware of the neckhugger, coming to get you… and keep your neck warm! Hehe, it’s my new scarf pattern and I really love it! This scarf will never slip off — how that works will be a secret a little longer! I can’t go into a yarn store without buying at least one multicolored skein, like the one in the picture below. The colorway is called Wetterleuchten (sheet-lightning). I choose a playful ruffle and a rib pattern — the ruffle has a big twist to it and is worked with two different needle sizes! The picture on the right shows my Simply Sideways Shawl that I talked about in the last Sneak Peek. This pattern will be released Saturday, with my usual 10% dsicount.

Let’s have a  quick word about pattern releases. I try to release a new pattern every week — maybe two if I find the time — on Friday or the Weekend either paid or free. I don’t prefer knitting over crochet or vice versa, so if the new pattern will be a knitting or crochet pattern will be purely coincidental, based on whatever is finished in time. Every paid pattern comes with a one week long discount of 10%. Every freebie will stay a freebie forever.


Another shawl that I have been working on is the Supervillain Shawl. The colors reminded me of my favourite supervillain — the Joker! And what would fit better than twisted stitches? A special feature is the twisted edge — a small cable that sneaks alongside and along the top of the shawl.


Now onto the bad news for all crocheters — my octagon throw will take a little longer to finish, I will most likely run out of yarn before it is big enough. Not to worry, I made a dishcloth a while back which will be released Friday as a Freebie! It is actually two versions of the same concept released in one pattern. This is Version 2, the other Version is more square.


Have a great week! Thanks for reading, happy crocheting and knitting!